I love ribs. Grew up eating them. I make killer ribs. I’m sharing the recipe.

3 racks of baby backs ( you could use the fattier pork ribs or more baby backs, just make more of a rub)
2 bottles of beer

Take the ribs and 2 bottles of beer and equal amounts of warm water and put them in a container, in the refrigerator, over night. This isn’t necessary but it makes a huge difference. The ribs are brining.

If you want to eat around 7ish. Put the ribs in the oven around 11:30/12 at 180 degrees.

Take them out of the beer. Rub them down with the following rub.

4 T cumin
3T sugar
4 T kosher salt
1T pepper
3 T paprika

Mix the rub thoroughly before mixing all over the ribs. Then, put them in the oven in a non-stick pan or on tin foil over a pan because it will get sticky.

When u are ready to put them on the grill, take them out of the oven. They could hang out in the oven for hours and hours.

Put them on a grill that is at a low/med temperature. I use Bone Sucking Sauce which I buy by the gallon. But, u could use any barbecue sauce that u like. Throw the ribs on the grill and brush the sauce all over them. When the sauce has set (a few minutes) flip then and do it again. That is basically all u need on the grill. To set the barbecue sauce onto the ribs.

Serve them up with sauce on the side. I use a scissors to cut the ribs up before serving. It is just quicker and easier than cutting them with a knife.

On the side, I serve cole slaw (which I posted a few days ago) and a sliced tomato salad with sliced onions, basil (chiffoned), grilled corn (taken off the cob and sprinkled on top of the tomatoes and onions) then put dabs of goat cheese on top of the salad and a drizzle of olive oil over the top. For dessert, I served homemade peppermint and chocolate chip ice cream with carmelized bananas and chocolate sauce over the top.

The perfect summer meal.

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  1. Nick Gray

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to try it.

  2. Oakley

    Followed Chris Holland to your recipe here. My husband and I just got a month-old grill. We’re still learning the way of the propane flames. Once we’re brave enough to attack ribs, we’ll try your recipe.

  3. Chris Holland

    oh my goodness were they good. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. argh!

  4. Jackson

    You forgot an important step. Invite me over to eat them!

  5. Oakley

    After hearing so much about it from Chris and his girl, I finally found courage–and a store that sells Bone Sucking Sauce–to try the recipe! Thanks again.

  6. Oakley

    Oh my gosh. The ribs were great! That Bone Suckin’ Sauce, no wonder you buy them by the gallon. That thing is just delicious!

  7. Deb

    Where can I get that BONE SUCKING SAUCE up here in Canada? I live in Oshawa.

  8. Rufus

    Horseradish Sauce Recipe:
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  9. TomHerron

    Please,where can I buy Bone Sucking sauce by the gallon ?? Thanks, Tom

  10. Ellen B.

    Made these tonight – everyone LOVED them. Thanks!