Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue

Another night at Summerstage with the luck of no rain. We saw the Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue which consists of a variety of country artists which are Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Dave Rawlins and Buddy Miller. It was a bit of a mixed batch but the voices on all of these people are so incredible that it is hard not to stand up and take notice.

I happen to be a big Gillian and Dave fan. Their voices are amazing and they rock out on guitar, banjo and harmonica. Pretty talented pair. I also like how they goof on each other during their performance. They sang a few new songs which sound good. Hopefully a new album en route or maybe it is off their new live album they just released.

2 memorable songs last night. Emmylou Harris sang Orphan (one of Gillian’s songs) while Gillian and Dave were on stage. It is one of my favorite Gillian songs. Also, her and Dave sang a song about a higher place with Buddy Miller and Dave and Gillian kept on chiming in with their amens while they jammed out on their guitars.

We sat in the bleachers. I think this type of concert was more condusive to lying in the grass, watching the stars and listening to the music. Regardless, you can’t beat sitting out beneath the stars and listening to music.

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  1. Tom

    Any chance you have the song list for this show? Was there also, and heard a tune that they played there that I’m trying to find. I’m pretty sure it was Emmylou, Patti and Gillian together with little or no musical accompianment. Thanks for your help.