3 movies

It was movie kind of weekend. We are movie fans. We particularly like going the first weekend out of the box. So, off we went.

We first saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I really liked it. It is so different which is probably what I liked. The movie is like reading a dark comic street that is campy at the same time. The cinemaphotography is incredibly cool. All black and white with computer graphics and a dark grainy feel. The main characters played by Gwenyth Paltrow and Jude Law are to save the day. The acting is fine. The lines are dry and silly like an old Perry Mason show. I’d recommend it just on the concept is so completely different than any other film out there. Supposedly the director wrote this over 10 years and a friend took it to a friend who took it to a friend and that is how the story goes. Getting the stars behind it was obviously the key but it is certainly better than the majority of stuff that gets green lighted.

We also saw Wimbledon. I was thinking it was going to be total Hollywood and it was but it regardless it was a cute film. Good lines. There has never been a movie actually made about tennis before. Lots of sports films but not of tennis. I really liked it. It is of course the perfect love story and happy ending nonsense but so what. I love Paul Bettany. We all laughed and enjoyed ourselves, so what else could you ask for?

Lastly, we rented The Man with the Golden Gun. We have been watching tons of James Bond films these days. This one is a 70’s classic. Although Roger Moore does not get the new tech gadgets that Pierce Brosnan gets, it is still a great film to watch today.

It was fun watching James Bond after seeing 2 new films out this week. At the end of the day, The Man with the Golden Gun, is a classic. I am not so sure Wimbledon or Sky Captain will reach that type of status. I can hardly wait until our next line up.

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  1. jackson

    Can’t go wrong with classic Bond. That’s one thing I got from my dad that I never tried to rebel against.