Reading the Paper

Reading the paper this morning was so depressing. The congress voted in Gross, congress is letting Bush’s tax cuts continue regardless of the tremendous deficits, healthcare is a shambles, after the United Nation speech the majority of the world can’t stand our deemed leader who used the stump to talk about how fantastic he is when he is clearing lying about Iraq (based on data from his own people), more soldiers were killed today, the Patriot Act is basically going to take away a tremendous amount of our civil liberties away even though that was not what is being recommended by the commission they are going to follow the evil Bush organizations supposed rules of Democracy, another suicide bomber in Israel who was a 19 year old woman/girl, Greece falsified their documents to get into the European Coalition, Kerry isn’t gaining enough momentum against the liars and the lies they tell and it is a bright beautiful fall day in NYC.

I try to be an informed person. Perhaps I should take the road that some Americans must take which is not to educate, challenge and understand what is happening in our world. It saddens me to think that I am a minority in this country. How could any intelligent person take a look at the economy, the war, our civil liberties, the environment, our allies detest at our ruling party, our tremendous deficit, the weak dollar, the presence of inflation (been to the grocery store lately?), and the feeling of disgust, hatred and division among our countrymen and have any interest in re-electing this group of liars back in office. Is it their check book? Is it a one issue like gun control or abortion laws? Is it their supposed love of religion? It is the supposed swagger and arrogant decision making even though the decisions are bad at least they are making them? I can’t figure it out. All I know is as each day gets closer to the election, I try and have faith in the good of Americans that when the majority of them get into the voting booth on November 2 that they look at themselves, alone in that booth and ask themselves the question “with all I know about where we are and where we were 4 years ago, regardless of being a Republican, Independent or Democract at heart, can I really vote for a man who has lied and taken us down a deep dark path based on bogus information with no resolution to get out and believes everything is hunky dory in Iraq and the economy and our place in the world?” I truly hope that answer will be no, I can’t do it and the lever for John Kerry is pulled because 4 more years of this party is going to leave this nation in a very very sorry state.

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  1. jackson

    Gotham Gal Fan # 1 here, I think it is the “supposed swagger and arrogant decision making”. GW has ’em all bamboozled, and it has nothing to do with issues beyond ‘feeling safer’, which I don’t but the brainwashed do.