Steak Marinade

For years I have used this marinade. Kids come over and love it. I never measure and it is always good. This marinade came from a neighbor growing up. I must have told my Mom to make it. It is easy and always a hit.

soy sauce
cooking sherry vinegar

Equal parts are fine, more soy sauce is fine, more sherry is fine, less honey is fine. It always works. I grew up using this with flank steak. Now, we generally use hanger steak. Marinate all day. I put it in the frig in the morning in a large zip lock bag and take it out for dins.


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  1. David

    This is a variation of teriyaki sauce. For another variation, one can try replacing the vinegar with whiskey or beer. Depending on how the meat is to be prepared, one may want to cook off the alcohol in the whiskey or beer before marinading. This also goes well with chicken and pork as well as beef.