Traveling Grandparents

My mother started something with my kids years ago which I think is fantastic. She takes short trips to interesting, educational places with each of our kids separately. It is a wonderful way for her to really get to bond with each kid. Also, the kids love it and really remember each journey. Her thought process was, why do they need another toy? That thrill lasts a couple of days but traveling experiences last a life time. I couldn’t agree more.

Granted, she can afford to take them on some interesting journies but it could be anything. When they were 4, she came up to NYC and spent the day with them. Each of them got to have their first Broadway experience and go see Beauty and the Beast. They had lunch, theater and some other adventure. It was perfect. They were close to home but it was a special day with Grand’ma.

When u were six, you went to went to either Baltimore of Philadelphia. Few days in either city. They would stay at a hotel, go out to dinner, check out the museums, see a movie, etc. It was great.

At 8, they ventured out on a plane to Chicago. Chicago is a fantastic city. My son is our there now with my Mom. The Science museum is one of the best interactive museums in the country. They also went to the Navy Pier where they went in the Ferris Wheel and saw a new IMax film. They were checking out Millenium Park, doing deep dish pizza and of course going to the top of the John Hancock building. The trip is fun and educational.

At 10, she took our oldest to Paris and all the girls tagged along (my sister, me and our middle daughter). We went to London when our middle was 10 – again a girl’s trip. At 12, she took our oldest out to Laguna Beach for a few days.

They kids look forward to the trips. They have also each created a special relationship with my Mother because they spend a few days just one on one enjoying something together. I highly recommend this to anyone. These memories will be treasured forever. Hurrah for G’ma.