Blue Ribbon Sushi

I had not been to Blue Ribbon Sushi in about a year or so. The last time I went, I did not have such a great experience. It was a really warm summer day and nothing really sat right with me. But, I returned twice this past week.

I really do like the vibe in there. Small, asian accents, downstairs, a serious sushi restaurant feel. The bad part is the line. There always seems to be a line. No reservations.

I went for lunch this past week. We got a table, no problem. Lunch is always easier. The service was beyond slow. It was a bit frustrating. Eventually we got our tea and our food. The sushi was delicious. I was really glad that I had returned. The seaweed salad was tasty. The special sushi that was available such as Japanese Red Snapper was delicious. I left feeling so good. I also left wanting to go back for more. So, I did.

We were in Soho on Friday night picking up our son from a playdate and swung by Blue Ribbon to have dinner. There was no line, yet, and we got a seat. The waiter could not have been nicer and made sure our son got something to eat sooner than later. But, the food was not as good as it was as lunch the other day. Maybe it is the dinner thing? The last time I had the bad meal there it was dinner too. It wasn’t that it was bad but it wasn’t as high quality as I had remembered. Price wise, it should be just as good at Nobu. We had an assortment of sushi that we had picked, rock shrimp tempura and pork dumplings. The dumplings were really bland. My son didn’t think they had any taste. The shrimp tempura was good but the batter was a bit thick. The sushi was good but the true test is the next morning. I woke up the next day knowing that I had eaten sushi. I tasted it. I didn’t feel good. I didn’t even use soy sauce.

I would go back for lunch but no more for dinner. At those prices, it should be spectacular every time.

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  1. susan mernit

    i found a newish sushi place with a great vibe and excellent fish–scuba sushi on madison between 27th and 28th–it’s so good, and the atmosphere is so nice, I stop in almost every trip to NY–you might like it, check it out.