Kristen Frederickson Art Gallery

Kristen, who owns Kristen Frederickson Contemporary Art, had emailed after finding my blog through a search. Her gallery is in Tribeca. She reconnected with me about her latest show of Kathleen Kucka’s work, so I made sure I got down there before it closed.

We happen to own a piece of Kathleen’s work so I wanted to see what her latest body of work looked like. I had seen Kathleen’s work about 3 years ago. I really liked her work but wasn’t sure where she would grow. As I see artists work, I buy not only what appeals to my senses but also artists that I believe will be producing new and interesting work as they grow. As much as I liked Kathleen’s work, I wanted to wait and see what came next. One year passed and I went to see her new body of work. It was impressive. She had really taken her work to another level and decided that we should really purchase a piece. Yesterday I saw a whole other level of her work. She has incorporated her work from the past and moved it into the future. It was really impressive. So much that I am very curious to see what another year will achieve for Kathleen. She has completely grown as an artist.

The added bonus yesterday was that I got to meet Kristen. She has a wonderful space on Reade Street in Tribeca. She represents a variety of artists, men and women but she is taken with women who are around 40 years old, have raised kids while doing their art and have a feminist side. I got to take a peek in the basement and check out the variety of artists that she carried. Some I liked more than others but all had interesting stories behind them and did interesting work.

Besides Kathleen’s exhibit was an exhibit downstairs of birthing robes. Now, I would not buy something like this to hang in my home but conceptually it was very cool. The birthing robes represented a group of women that had trouble getting pregnant so they were put into rooms for a period of time to literally fatten them up like cows. Then, their partners came into the room and they all ended up conceiving. Strange but intriguing.

As always, I so enjoy making the gallery rounds. It was really refreshing to find a new gallery where I really enjoyed the owner. I’m looking forward to my next visit.