Osteria Del Sole

Unfortunately, I think about dieting on a daily basis. I was a heavy kid so in essence I have a built in “fat personality”. It has taken me years to realize that I am a small not a medium. But, I think about what I am putting in to my mouth all the time. I think about what I ate over the course of the day when I get into bed at night. It is unfortunate but it doesn’t stop me from eating sweets etc. I generally make the right choice but believe me I make the wrong choice plenty too.

Today, I was walking by Osteria Del Sole on the corner of Perry Street and West Fourth. They have a small window on Perry Street that is like Italy. They serve pressed sandwiches, paninis etc. I never do this but decided a pressed sandwich is exactly what I needed. Wow!

What a great choice. Ham, fontina cheese, arugula and a spicy olive oil pressed in between two pieces of country bread for only $4.95. It was excellent! I got it “to go”. Although everything there is “to go” unless u want to hang out in front and eat while talking to the other patrons. It is getting a bit chilly for that.

I’m definitely going back. Taking the family. It was such a treat because I never eat like that. Maybe that’s a good thing. Now I’m home making curry butternut apple soup. It’s one of those days…