Reckless is being put on by the Manhattan Theater Club through 12/19. We saw it last night.

First of all, the new Biltmore Theater where a variety of the productions are being held has just recently been brought back to life from the MTC. It is a wonderful place to see theater. The seats are comfortable. You can basically see the stage from any seat. They did a great job.

Reckless is a quirky tale about a women whose husband tells her, on Christmas Eve, that he has taken a contract out on her life. The tale unfolds from there. The wife, who is brilliantly played by Mary-Louise Parker, bolts and ends up meeting some strange bedfellows along the way. Her new found friends have also dismissed their past and entered new lives. As a whole, the story is really quirky. The unraveling of the wife coming full circle over the course of the play.

I wouldn’t say I loved the play but did find it entertaining. The acting is really good. Mary-Louise Parker is an incredible actress. Watching her is so much fun. Her body language, her eyes rolling, her hand movements, the way she delivers her lines. She is fantastic and worth going just for that.

I have been lucky enough to have seen her in past performances such as Prelude to A Kiss that brought her a Tony. I also saw her in Proof which brought her a Tony and an Obie and a variety of other awards. She continues to grow as an actress. Her onstage presence is electricifying. Your eye always wanders to her. I will continue to go see Mary-Louise Parker’s performances over the years. She was so good last night that I can’t even imagine watching her get better. My guess is that she is like a fine wine. She will just continue to get better with age and in her case, each show.