Richard III

Drinking a few scotches before going to see Richard III, is not something I would highly recommend. Generally we go out after the play but I really wanted to get home to see the debates. We had tivo’d the debate and at least we could see it before we read all the news the next morning. Drinking before theater, big mistake.

As much as I appreciate Shakespeare, how the plays are still fresh and modern yet, I find Shakespeare very hard to take. Although, Peter Dinklage was fantastic and he is worth seeing. Perhaps because I just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl which I do recommend, that I found Richard III hard to take.

As much as I loved The Other Boleyn Girl, I do not think I would have survived the Elizabethean or Victorian Age. I would have probably been beheaded. I am very clear about everything whereas in these past eras people talked around each other. Nothing was really taken at face value. It was if everything was a charade. Women could not take anything or anyone head on. So, seeing Richard III last night put me in the same thoughts as I had after the book. I am a real now and future girl. Even what I like to read. I like new novels, new information, technology…anything that is now.

I admit, due to the scotch, I slept through the first half of the first half. My husband slept through the entire first half. The first half, mind u, is 1 1/2 hours. When the lights went on, my husband woke up and asked me “did he kill everyone yet”? I said, “let’s go and watch the debates”. So, off we went.