Rick’s Picks

I love Union Square Greenmarket. It is open on Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturday. Different vendors are there on different days, some vendors are there everyday.

I generally get a bit crazy when I am there. If I have a cart, you can guarantee that I fill it up to the brim. If I just happen to be walking through, it takes all my energy not to schlep bags home knowing that I’d never be able to carry everything. The options are huge. Fresh apples, homemade pretzels, farm fresh cheese, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, flowers, mushrooms, peppers, etc. Everything is straight from the farm and so inexpensive compared to the supermarkets. It is a foodies dream. There is a guy there that sells fresh chickens and turkeys that are incredible.

Yesterday as I strolled through, I noticed a new vendor. Rick’s Picks. Rick makes pickles with very interesting flavors. At first I was dubious about how good could they actually be? The answer was quite good! I was en route somewhere and could not carry but I did get a chance to try everything Rick had out for tasting. What a wonderful addition to the market. Extra bonus, Rick has a website. The turbo charged bread and butter pickles would be the perfect addition to a burger. Loved the hints of cumin in the dill pickles. Also, the wasabi green beans are good to just eat or put in a salad or even a drink. The Pepi Pep Pipps were delicious too. But, my total fav was the GT1000’s.

When I got home, I went to the site. I’m filling up. This guy has a gold mine. What a great niche. Don’t be surprised to be seeing Rick’s goodies at your local gourmet grocery store soon.

Major kudos to Rick!