I am one that peruses through the Arts and Leisure section, Style sections and movie sections so I can keep up to date on the latest and greatest. Doesn’t mean that I always get there but at least I know what is happening in the world of pop culture.

There was one movie that really stuck out over and over the last few weeks, Tarnation. The movie was playing at the Film Forum and as a reader of the Villager, I realized that it was only playing until 10/19 so I called my friend and we made sure we got there on Friday. Well worth the journey.

Tarnation is a self-portrait of Jonathan Caouette. The movie was a collection of snapshots, home movies etc., that he has been compiling since he was 11. He took the entire archives and put it on iMovie software and created this feature. You are literally watching his life unfold over the course of the film. A true slice of America. The film was edgy, clever and insightful. The music that was used really brought the film to even a high level of trying to understand this young man.

He was raised in Texas. Grew up with his grandparents, mostly. His mother Renee was supposedly mentally ill. Jonathan also spent time in the foster care system. Filming himself and his family appeared to be his own personal therapy.

I am so glad that I saw this film. It has absolutely stayed with me. Truly an interesting piece of art. My guess is that we will see many more films like this down the line. The access to filming your own history and recreating a movie at home is easily available and not that expensive to do. It will be hard for someone to top Tarnation.