The night after

It is hard for me to look at the debates last night in any neutral way. I am completely anti-George Bush and his neocoms. I don’t believe that his direction is best for the country. Truthfully, I don’t understand how any intelligent person can but that is another conversation all together.

I watched last night’s debate in hope that George Bush’s true colors will become clearer to the part of the country that is either undecided or is just afraid of change. I believe last night both George Bush and John Kerry did show their true colors.

Kerry was very Presidential. He stayed on message. He was honest in his answers. He was able to say that if he made a mistake, he would relook at the information and make new decisions to execute on his policies. That is an intellect. He was also on the offensive all night. He ran the debate and made the American people think about where our country is in regards to foreign policy. He asked the questions and gave the answers for what he would do differently. Bravo. He did a great job.

Bush on the other hand, was on the defensive all night long. He never told us what he was going to do to get out of this mess in Iraq. He just kept telling us how hard he is working and how hard it is to be the Commander in Chief. Well, no shit it is hard work. He had a smirk on his face all night. It was apparent that he doesn’t appreciate being told that his policies are not working. How dare u tell the President that his policies don’t work? Excuse me, but isn’t that what makes America great? Asking questions, debating answers, isn’t that what democracy is about? Bush has no interest in being told that perhaps he needs to rethink his strategies here. Also, where does he pull his numbers from – out of a hat? I think the most amazing part of watching George Bush last night is how inarticulate he is. He could barely put a sentence together. He hemmed and hawed when trying to find the right words. He kept using the same text over and over. Not to quick on his feet. It is embarassing to have a President sit up there and tell us how he talks to the “folks” in other countries. Can’t he come up with a better word? ARRGH!!

One small thing at the end of the debates sort of summed up the difference between Kerry and Bush too. Bush made a reference to both their daughters and then remarked that he is having a hard time trying to control them. Kerry said he that is not what he chooses to do. Control your children at 21? Good luck. How about having respect for your children so u can have an open and communicative relationship? Bush’s relationship with his daughter’s sounds like the relationship he is having with our country.

I am looking forward to the post-Debate media hype in the next few days and what happens in the polls. It appears from everything that I have read on-line and even in the NYTimes and the Post (a pro-bush paper) that Kerry did really well and Bush did not. Even Fox network said Kerry did great. Shock!

I bet Bush is not a happy camper today. Do you think he stood on that podium last night and said to himself – “God I hope this ends soon, please Cheney, can’t u help me with some answers up here? I am at loss and I think I might look lost too Why don’t they just listen to me”?. Guess what George, you looked lost!

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  1. Wrywriter

    From someone on the other side of the 49th, I have to scratch my head in wonder… wonder why anyone with an ounce of common sense would want to vote for Bush and his cronies, given their track record to date.

  2. jackson

    Indeed. From the news reports I’m seeing, the Bush ‘folks’ are reeling from the punches. It’s about time. For once we see a picture of Kerry that wasn’t painted by the conservative propaganda machine. Who’s wearing the flip flops now buddy!