Uncle Louie’s Ices and Ice Cream

There is nothing quite like a beautiful fall day in NYC. The air is crisp but it is still warm outside. We took a group bike ride down to Battery Park City. I am continually amazed to see the constant development in that area and down the Westside highway. The city has done an absolutely fantastic job. It is gorgeous, clean and there is tons to do. Miniature golf, tennis courts, batting cages, bike path, trapeze school and more. It’s pretty impressive.

Walking back from our kid’s school the other day, I noticed a new ice and ice cream shop has opened up on MacDougal between Bleeker and Minetta Lane. There seems to be a constant turnover on Bleeker street these days. Newer and hipper restaurants that are certainly geared towards the NYU crowd but not as bohemian as days past. All of Bleeker seems to be changing. I kind of like the change. It’s refreshing. Some of the older places had been there over 20 years – and looked it.

On the way back from our bike ride, we stopped by the new ice and ice cream shop. The place is called Uncle Louie’s. It is a branch from the original in Brooklyn. The ice’s are out of this world. Lick me Lemon is tart with small pieces of lemon. The lime ice is also tart yet sweet with tiny pieces of lime in it. The mango tastes like u are eating a perfectly ripe mango. There are roughly 60 different flavors to choose from. There are also about 60 different ice cream’s to choose from too. I love that they have all these flavors available daily. Most shops only have a small amount of their possible inventories on a particular day. Not Louie, there is a world of choices available to u all day long.

This could be my new local haunt. Prices are good too. If Louie continue to grow, I hope he is able to churn out the level of quality that is obviously in his products today.

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  1. shelly

    where can I find an Uncle Louie’s in long island (nassau county?)

  2. Bobbi Sue

    I was looking for a summer job at an ice-cream shop… I have 5 years of experience. I can work nights and weekends. I am fun, friendly and hard-working! Please email me if you are interested.
    Bobbi Sue