Murray’s Cheese Shop

Murrays has finally opened on Bleeker Street!  I have been walking by every day trying to peek in between the brown papered windows.  But, today it was opened.  They were not open for business, just for browsing.  They bonus is the delightful little tidbits they were giving out.  Rolls of proscuitto with chunks of parm, onion/gruyere tarts (small pieces), 3 cheese macaroni, tomato proscuitto cheese olive tarts (small pieces) and brownie cheesecakes pieces.  All yum! 

The store looks great.  Big cases of cheeses, sausages and meats.  Large baskets of bread.  3 huge containers of olive oil.  In the back there is a large glassed-in refrigerator which would be a wine cellar in a restaurant but at Murray’s it is full of beautiful cheeses.  The other half of the store, I assume, opens tomorrow or in the next few days. 

Murray’s has closed across the street, their old location.  What a great addition to the neighborhood.  We all wish them well!

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  1. Michael Marotta

    glad you like the store, was alot of hard work