Voting Day

I love Voting Day. It is exciting to talk to the different people at your local voting spot. Voting is the right of every American citizen and should not be taken for granted. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the political process. The US has a better process than any country in the world. U might not love either Bush or Kerry but those are the picks so go out and pick one.

We went with the kids in tow this morning to pull the lever. You can see the picture on AVC’s website (my husband).

My prediction, for what it is worth, Kerry will win hands down tonight. I do not think it will be pretty getting George out of the White House. I don’t think conceding graciously would be his thing.

There is a buzz in the air and the polls are packed. To me, that means change. God I hope so!

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  1. jackson

    Though we agree on most things, I think that maybe our process is not so great, the idea behind it is, but the implementation is getting wacky.