2 Friends

My friend, Kira Gould, has just launched Elements of Living.  I am thrilled for her.  She had another magazine a few years back that was really a smart niche publication called To the Trade which was a resource guide for interior designers.  Unfortunately, that particular group of people do not spend money on branding their lines or themselves.  Although everyone loved the publication, there was not enough ad support to keep it going.  Hopefully things will change with Elements of Living. 

This publication is a subscription based mag.  You will not find it on the newsstands.  It is beautiful, interesting to read and has loads of good information for design sourcing.  If this is an area that is of interest, hit the link above and get a subscription.  The content is worth it.

Another friend and previous business partner, Jason Calacanis has launched a variety of blogs but he claims he launched this one just for me.  It is a luxury site with the latest of luxury items, trips, shopping etc.  The site is called Luxist.  Check it out. 

It is always fun to watch new businesses start and see where they go.  I wish them both luck.

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  1. Karen E

    Kira’s mag looks good. I just submitted my subscription request. I trust your judgment, GG, after reading your blog for over a year! I do Marketing and Product work for a flooring company, so I need fresh perspectives in interior design. This looks like a good use of $47.