Alta is down the street.  Great location.  We came home last night from a cocktail party and decided we needed a little more food and a little more drink.  Alta should be the perfect place.  It is close and everything is an appetizer.  Noshing, our favorite activity.

The interior is beautiful.  The bar stretches almost along the entire length of the first floor.  At the end of the space is a 2 tiered space that is completely open with an old chandelier hanging in the middle.  The place looks like something out of an old Spanish neighborhood.   Tapas being the specialty, that makes sense. 

Last night is the third time I have been to Alta.  I went at the very beginning, returned about a year ago just for a drink and then last night for drinks and some food. 

As much as I like the vibe, the food is not good.  The menu is extensive and interesting but the execution is poor.  The flavors are not well balanced.  The portions are almost too small.  But at the end of the day, as much as I’d like to love this place, the food is not good.  I am not sure if it is the chef or just the recipes.  The presentation is good.  Someone could really go in there and have fun by recreating a menu with good food.  When they do, please let me know.