The Best CD’s of 2004

I am a list lover.  Is it because I am an organizational freak?  Or was it David Letterman’s first top 10 list?  Who knows but I always enjoy reading the "top" lists at the end of the year.  My husband posted his this morning, so I figured that I would join in the action. 

These are my favorite Cd’s of 2004, not necessarily in any order because different music for different moods.

Green Day, American Idiot  – This album just rocks, period.   I did a poll this morning and this is all of our kid’s fave album of the year, hands down.  Our good friends, who are also into the latest and greatest in music told us that they can not keep this off the CD player.  They are absolutely right.

Keane, Hopes and Fears –  I love this album.  The ultimate alternative sound.

Snow Patrol, The Final Straw  – Met a guy this summer who turned me on to Keane and Snow Patrol.  Thank god.

Modest Mouse, Good News for People Who Love Bad News – I love this group.  Saw them in concert and they rocked.  Good sound and edgy.

Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlanticism – Great band, great CD, they also rock.

Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand – Great new band.  Good rifts.

Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose  – I am a huge fan of the White Stripes.  Jack White, the lead singer of the White Stripes, produced this album.  You can hear his sound all over this album which turns Loretta into a true rocker. 

Eminem, Encore  – I am a huge fan of all the Eminem albums.  He is pure genius. 

Paul Westerberg, Folker – I will probably be the only person with this on my list, but I just love Paul’s sound, always have. 

Rilo Kiley, More Adventurous – The more I listen to this, the more I really like it.  This album is much better than their first one, more edge. 

Ben Kweller, Sha Sha – This CD did not come out this year but I discovered it this year after seeing him in New Orleans.  I love it.

U2, How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – Have always been a fan.  They continue to put out good music that sounds different with each phase of their lives.  That is what makes U2 stand out among the rest.

There are some other albums I really liked this year too such as Wilco, A Ghost is Born and Postal Service, Give Up but did not get as much play time as the albums above. 

All of these CD’s were played often.  There was a lot of music that went through the house that didn’t make it more than what did. We continue to buy new music all the time.  The above CD’s were the few that we played again and again and again.

This morning we were discussing the top CD’s of the year.  Mine are pretty much in sync with my husbands.  Our 13, 11 and 8 year old are pretty much in sync with ours.  Our youngest wrote out his list for me that I thought I’d share.

Starting with the number 1

1 – Eminem

2- Franz Ferdinand

3 – Death Cab

4 – Modest Mouse

5 – Green Day

6 – Paul Westerburg, Folker

7 – J.Z.

8 – Ben Kweller

9 – Wilco

10- Snow Patrol

So, with that in mind I wonder, what does it say if my 8 year old basically has the exact same musical tastes as me or on the other hand what does it say about a 43 year old Mom having the same musical tastes as her 8 year old son. 

I wonder if he shares my passion for Italian wines?

Comments (Archived):

  1. Rich Thomas

    Not to nitpick, but the Death Cab for Cutie album came out in 2003.

  2. Tony Baker

    You forgot to mention Stan Ridgway’s; “SNAKEBITE”.

  3. Jason Rose

    Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” is a grossly overlooked album.
    Maybe A.C. Newman’s “The Slow Wonder” doesn’t belong at the top because it’s not mainstream, but it is a less catchy version of a The New Pornographers album and is well worth a listen.