The Grey Dog

Every school and community has their own coffee shop.  Ours is The Grey Dog.  I have at this point eaten every meal there except for dinner. 

The breakfast is incredible.  The oatmeal is thick and delicious.  All the muffins, bagels and other goodies are also top.  The coffee, teas etc. are good too.  The best part of the Grey Dog is really the vibe.  There are always new pictures of dogs from different artists on the wall.  The place is always jamming and the wooden tables are comfy.  It sort of reminds me of a groovy coffee shop in a local ski town. 

If you are doing lunch, do a sandwich.  The salads are ok but the sandwiches (but not the burgers) are really good.  Homemade bread and piles of whatever you want inside.  The tuna tacos are actually quite good too. 

But, the best time of the Grey Dog is when I go on Thursday afternoons with our middle daughter.  We go there before our son is done with basketball.  We have tried a variety of things.  The hot chocolate and the chair tea is really good.  But, the oatmeal cookies with raisins, the chocolate chip cookies, the banana bread and the huge rice krispie treats are our fave. 

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in for a coffee and a little treat.  You basically can’t go wrong. 

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  1. CS

    I cannot disagree more. The service at Grey Dog is almost always curt, and I have seen the staff ask people to vacate a table if all they are having is a cup of coffee. Then there is the food itelf, which is average on a good day, and the “coffee”, which is usually stale.

    It’s shameful that people not only tolerate but patronize establishments like this, which allows such incredibly poor customer service and food to perpetuate.