Washington Square Park

We hosted a fundraiser last night for the restoration of Washington Square Park.  The Parks department is working on what exactly will take place and what the park will look like upon completion. 

The conversations last night were not only about the private funds needed but concerned community members interested in the playground, the chess players, the greenery, the flow, a kiosk, bathrooms, etc.  It was great to hear the excitement and the ideas flowing.

Washington Square Park is the last park to undergo major renovation downtown.  Madison Square Park, Union Square, South Street Seaport, Westside Highway, have all been done.  The private associations linked to each area have truly made an impact in preserving the parks of their neighborhood.   

Most interesting last night was listening to Adrian Benepe.  He is an impressive guy.  He grew up in NYC.  He cares about the parks and the city.  He thinks out of the box.  He listens and understands each community and how the Parks department needs to react to all of them.  His budget is half a billion dollars.  Pretty big.  Adrian will absolutely leave his mark on his town and I for one, will be thrilled to work with him and watch what he does.  He just gets it.