Cape Town, South Africa

We left NYC and got to Cape Town about 18 hours or so later.  The flight really isn’t too bad.  Of course we were in business class which on a flight like that makes all the difference in the world. 

We got there in the evening, checked in, showered and went out to dins at Blues.  We stayed in Camps Bay which is probably the grooviest area in Cape Town.  It is located on the beach and the bars/restaurants line up down the street.   

The place we stayed at was called Place on the Bay.  Small 2 floor apartment, on the beach with a small pool.   

Hpim10342 Woke up to a beautiful morning and vegged out on the beach.   Next, time to explore.  We drove, actually I drove, our mini-van through the streets.  First of all, the streets are made for small cars.  Second of all, they drive on the other side of the road.  Advice was given, remember that you, the driver, is always sitting in the middle of the road.  Great advice.  We drove down to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. 

Dsc_0097It is a big cheesy waterfront but there is a lot of action happening down there.   Josh, our youngest, lost his shoe at lunch off the pier.  So, we went in the mall to get new sandals and sunglasses for the kids.


Dsc_0100 We drove by the oldest area of Cape Town, Bo-Kaap, on the way back to our place.  Small brightly colored homes which are now basically occupied by a big Muslim population.  We also just drove around the city.  Cape Town is physically the most beautiful city I have ever been in.  The water, the mountains, the topography.  Visually it is a cross between Big Sur, San Francisco, Hawaii and San Diego all rolled up into one.  Not a great description but an idea of the beauty. 

Then off to Tank for dinner which is located past the colored homes.  The area is called Cafe Quarter.   Old homes and buildings being turned into a hip area with stores, restaurants and stores geared towards home decor. 

Long day.  Going back into Camps Bay was wild.  The wind must have been 50 miles an hour.  As you crossed over the hills down to the beach, the wind picked up.   Table Mountain over looks Cape town and when the cloud comes in and covers the mountain. The locals call this a table cloth that has been left there by the Cape Doctor, the winds go crazy.  It’s wild. 

Dsc_0196 Next morning, up early and raring to go.  We picked up bfast at Melissa’s.  Melissa’s is the ultimate specialty food shop.  Great packaging of every special thing you can think of.  They also serve up bfast, lunch and dinner.  After we picked up our goodies, we cruised down to the Cape of Good Hope. 

The drive down is magnificent.  Driving over Chapman’s Drive which is a narrow toll road that looks over the Indian Ocean is wild.  Once you pass Chapmans there is a group of thatch roofed homes that we stopped to take a look at. 


Dsc_0131 To see the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet is pretty amazing.  You honestly feel like you are at the end of the world.  It is gorgeous.  We walked down to the lighthouse and just gawked. 

On the drive back we stopped at the Boulder’s which is home to the jackass penguin.  Josh was in heaven.  I have always loved those little guys.  Then we drove through an old beach town called Kalk Bay to have lunch at a place that has been around since 1939 called the Brass Bell. 

We went out to Codfather’s for dinner that night.  One of my faves on the trip.  Fresh fish displayed.  You pick it, they cook it.   One of the fish we had was called butterfish.  It is from Antarctica.  Incredible.  I have never had that before until then.  Fish is basically served everywhere.  The fish of the day is called Linefish.  So, whatever is caught in the line that day is the fish of the day.  Makes sense. 

Dsc_0161 The next morning, I took the kids with me and we took the tram up Table Mountain.  The views were beyond spectacular.  The fear is getting caught up there when the winds start.  They shut down the place.  It happened to be a calm beautiful morning, so our timing was excellent.

More tomorrow on the rest of Cape Town.  I’m off to the theater.  I admit it, I love being back in NYC.