Getting in the Groove

I have had a difficult time since Xmas vacation getting back in the groove.  Maybe it was because we somehow committed to going away for 2 of the weekends in January.   I think that is probably it. 

Since the election, I have had a hard time even reading the paper, even the op-ed section.  I find it mostly depressing.  Although I can’t imagine pretending that the next 4 years will not exist and some miracle person will come in and change the disasters created by the current administration.  Mark my words, history will not be kind to these megalomaniacs. 

Let’s start with the Social Security System.  Agreed that reform would be a good thing.  But, giving people free reign to trade their portion of social security in the open market?  Both my husband and our friend Gordon have written some interesting posts about this. 

People who invest other people’s money for a living don’t always get it right.   Some are better than others and some just aren’t that good at it. 

So when Joe Schmo, who thinks he is one smart cookie and takes his money, and decides to hedge his bets in the open market and loses everything, then what?  Does he mortgage up his families home?  Does he decide not to pay his taxes anymore?  Does he file bankruptcy?  Does he file a law suit against the federal government?  Does he live on the streets? 

More than likely, the US Government will bail all these people out like a natural disaster.  At that point, which will probably be in my life time, social security will not have looked so bad.