Losing Teeth

My father taught us to be fearless and tough.  So, when it came to losing teeth, letting them hang out in your mouth for awhile was not an option.  Once they became loose, it was time to yank them out.  We got used to it.  I supposed we probably got a kick out of it.  The tooth would get loose and we’d rush to show him and out the tooth would come.

I have passed this on to our kids.  They don’t even flinch.  They are absolutely aghast when kids let teeth hang by the thread and refuse to pull them out.  They yell at them, "hey, let me pull that out". 

Each of them have pulled out their own teeth, their friends teeth and each others teeth. 

Last night Josh realized that his tooth was semi-loose.  Well, it was absolutely necessary that it was coming out now.  He moved it and yanked it.  Got all of us involved.   Begged me to get it out.  He didn’t flinch.  The two of us played with the tooth for about 15 minutes as each little snap broke another root.  He could care less that his mouth was bleeding.  Eventually, out it came.

Today, the tooth made it’s way to school in a small zip lock bag.  He was thrilled.  We have very few teeth left to pull among the crew. 

My guess is that they will all teach the same on to their children.  YANK IT!

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  1. sany

    Losing teeth is a problem it caused by infection,thanks for your tips…