I have been out of the country on holiday since December 18th and returned yesterday morning.   I lived in London for a time during college and always liked the word holiday vs. vacation.  Thought the word was a more festive description. 

Anyway, we arrived and literally reentered like we never left.  School, bball, making dinner for 40 kids that night for Jessica’s ( our oldest ) theater practice.  My part as a volunteer.  I’m exhausted.

I’m a little off on the jet lag.  Generally I just get right back on track but I was up at 3:30 this morning.   No Internet connection so I wasn’t exactly using the time wisely.   It is an amazing thing how Internet because a must have 24 hours a day.

My desk is piled high.  Everything is upside down.  My list is pages long.  I really hate that type of angst. 

We had a fantastic trip to South Africa which I do plan on blogging about over the next week on the places we stayed, the places we ate, the activities worthwhile and not worthwhile etc. and even with pictures (new year’s resolution to add them to my blog) and all the books I read but first I need to deal with the reentry.