Second Avenue Deli

Every six months or so, we all get a hankering for the good old Jewish Deli.  As a group, we think that Second Avenue Deli and Katz’s are the best delicatessens in the city.  This past Saturday, we hit up the Second Avenue Deli.

We strolled over there around 1ish and of course, and always, a line.  The manager was handing out chopped liver on rye bread to nosh on while you waited.  Our luck, we got in quickly.

It was delicious.  It always is.  One of us had a hot dog and french fries.  Another split a very rare roast beef sandwich, another had a brisket sandwich and another had pastrami.  We also had the matzoh ball soup.  Great matzoh balls! 

There are more choices at the Second Avenue Deli for dinner and for lunch but Katz’s is more basics.  Both have totally different vibes.  In some respects, I love the down and dirty of Katz’s much more but Second Avenue Deli is a solid runner up.