Still in Cape Town..

Our favorite restaurant in Camps Bay was probably the Sand Bar. 

Dsc_0190 We hooked up for lunch there with Mark Crandal who runs and started a non-profit organization in South Africa called Hoops 4 Hope which is a very cool organization.  He also happens to own a camp in East Hampton where Josh used to go to camp called East Hampton Sports Camp.   Two great organizations. 

Dsc_0198 That night we went to One Waterfront which is located in the Cape Grace Hotel.   The restaurant was the nicest restaurant we went to on our trip.  The kids loved it.  As a whole, I found the food in the restaurants good but not great.  The concepts and execution was there but in terms of taste it just wasn’t there.  Keep in mind that I am spoiled rotten by living in the food capital of the world so most people might think we were crazy thinking that.  The hotel is incredibly high end.  I wouldn’t recommend staying there because it is a bit stuffy and the location isn’t that prime unless you want to stay down by the waterfront.

Next morning, back to the Sand Bar for bfast before heading off to the Greenmarket and Robben Island

Dsc_0202_1 The Greenmarket is basically a open air market of African trinkets.  Definitely worth experiencing and if you like to negotiate on price, this is your place. 

If you are in Cape Town, you have to go to Robben Island.  Nelson Mandela spent a huge part of his life there.  What was unbelievable to me was that the guides at the prison were once prisoners.  That they now live on the island and tell the stories day after day is truly remarkable.  Our guide had lived in Soweto and was part of the group of people that blew up Government buildings.  It has been 10 years since apartheid ended and the people who had been suppressed after all those years truly seem to carry no grudge but want to see their country be a better place and remember the past.   South Africa will continue to grow and be a better place as the years go by.  I will be very interested to return in another 10 years and see where the country is. 

Hpim1198 Our last dinner in Cape Town was at Madame Zingara.  My least favorite.  The place had the feel of New Orleans, very mystical but the food wasn’t so good.  We did hitch a ride back though in a sweet old car.