To Ski or to Board?

We have been on the travel circuit.  Poor planning or good planning either way you look at it. 

This past weekend we were invited to stay with our friends out in Deer Valley.   We went with Jessica, our oldest daughter.  Her friend is their son.  Deer Valley is the ultimate in a skiers paradise.  The runs are great, the lodge is beautiful, the food is delicious.  Truly one of the top resorts in the country although there is one major problem, no snow boarders. 

I have skied for years and took up boarding about 6-7 years ago.  I broke my wrist first time out and regardless tried again the next year.  I was ready for something new and figured the kids would be doing it.  I love boarding.  I find it to be more of a free form experience and less taxing on the body.  I admit that at least once a year I snap on the skis and fly down some mogul runs.  I still enjoy skiing and want to make sure I still have the bumps in me. 

When we were invited out to Deer Valley, they wanted to make sure I didn’t mind skiing all weekend.  No problem.  Jessica on the other hand hadn’t skied in 3 years.  We made all of our kids learn to ski before they began to board.  So, she and her friend trucked it down to Park City each day so Jess could board.

The last day, we all skied Deer Valley.  It was the only way that we could enjoy the morning and make our flights.  Jessica was a tad on the nervous side to spend the morning skiing but I told her it is like riding a bike, it will all come back.  She was up and flying down the mountain with no problems.  Maybe it is her age or her ability to board but she did great. 

I’m really glad that our kids are able to ski and board.  I am actually going to make all of the kids snap on a pair of skis at least one day this year so they too can keep it up.  Who knows, years from now, with technology, their kids might be more into skiing than boarding and they will be able to snap on their skis and go.