Wilderness, Garden Route in South Africa

Dsc_0026 Wilderness is a different area that we stayed in that Garden Route.  About 40 minutes from Knysna.  The food is better here, I have no idea why.  We stayed at a place called Wilderness Manor.   The owners were very stuffy.  The place was nice but I wouldn’t recommend it.  The rooms were nice and big so we were able to relax in them together, play cards and read books. 

Hpim1421 We went to a very cool beach there called Schvarlak(sp?).  We picked up some food at a German deli and swam in the Indian Ocean.  The evening we had dinner at a restaurant called Serendipity which is in a home/bed and breakfast.  Supposedly one of the top in South Africa.  Real attention to detail.  The kids loved it. 

Dsc_0014 We went on a canoe trip the last day.  40 minutes canoing, 40 minutes hiking and then you get to a beautiful waterfall.  It was hard work canoeing.  Emily mentioned to me, since she was in my canoe on the way there, that she really hated canoeing and that is why she lived in NYC.   What can I say?  It was well worth it once we got to the waterfall.  Jessica is obviously having a good time.