William Shatner

My brother and I were discussing what we were listening to these days.  He recommended William Shatner’s Has Been.  My first reaction was "as in Star Trek?"  Exactly.  Who would have thought?

So, the first new CD of the year for me although it came out last fall, is this disc.  The words are funny.  The music is good.  An older white man rapping.  Ben Folds, Aimee Mann and Joe Jackson are some of the featured artists.  I’m really loving it.

I still can’t help saying it again, "who would have thought?"

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  1. Gordon Gould

    I heard Shatner’s album reviewed on KRCW out here and a couple of tracks from it. I have to admit, I was rather surprised by it but I also think it is cool that he puts himself out there like that.

    A side note: I am a big Star Trek fan and so it was a huge surprise for me to see Captain Kirk walking around my daughter’s toddler group playground. Turns out the Captain/Shatner is one of my daughter’s best friend’s grandfather. So LA!