Amy’s Bread has opened on Bleeker

It is official, Amy’s Bread has opened on Bleeker. She has completed the trio of new food stores near Bleeker with Wild Edibles and Murrays Cheese. They join the the wonderful Faicco’s Pork Store with the best sausages in town.

Amy’s must have literally opened when we walked in. There was a man there taking pictures of Amy and us for the NYTimes. I promised him I was going to go home and blog about this and beat the Times to the punch. Unfortunately I was missing a pocket digital camera which I am desperate need of.

The place is on the corner of Leroy and Bleeker. Complete glass walls. Small chairs and tables inside for enjoying a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, a little treat or a salad and pannini. There are 2 pannini makers behind the counter. We indulged in a sourdough chocolate chip long roll. It was delicious. Crunchy crust and chewy soft bread in the middle with chocolate chips through out. Really good.

Amy was there and couldn’t be more excited about her newest location. The majority of her business is in wholesale but lucky for us she doesn’t mind keeping a few retail shops open. Her other locations are Chelsea Market and Hells Kitchen.

She is a welcome addition to the West Village!