I have not been to Benihana since High School.  I have been to a knock off Benihana many years ago when the kids were in young in Duck, North Carolina but otherwise, it hasn’t been on my must go list.

Saturday night we had 6 boys spend the night.  It was Josh’s 9 year old bday party and Benihana was our night out.  The place was packed!  I was blown away.  What a gold mine.  The kids loved it which is all that counts.  Plenty of adult parties happening there too much to my surprise. 

Dsc_0038_1  Here are the kids peering in on the chef at another table.  They were totally into it.

Then we moved on to our table.  Chef Frankie was our man.  We had a huge round of Shirley Temples and then we began.   Chicken, shrimp or beef teriyaki are the obvious choices.  The salt intake is high.  My fingers were throbbing the next morning. 

Here is the cake, as always, the best part!  I had to bring the cake.  They don’t have cake at Benihana.  I’d highly recommend the place with kids, not so much with adults.  Dsc_0049_1