Buying Art

If I could, I would go into the art world and buy something new and different every day.  I have always been moved by art.  I am especially intrigued by young artists who are emerging and what they are creating.  Listening to them describe how they create their art.  Their passion is so exhilarating.  I feel incredibly lucky to be able to meet young artists and then get to know them personally and watch them grow. 
Sebastian_1 2 years ago, we purchased a piece from a young artist Sebastian Blanck.  Not only is he beyond talented, he is totally groovy, cool, sweet and warm, and a total rocker hipster.  That’s a mouthful, right?  Anyhow, we were introduced to him from a woman who has helped me tremendously understand the art world.  We bought 2 paintings from him that we love. 

Sebastian_2 These two pieces sit side by side right near our bedroom.  I love them.  I really am looking forward to watching Sebastian grow in his work.  Talent is pouring out of him.

A few years back, I was walking through Lombard-Fried galleries, who at that time were representing Isca Greenfield – Sanders.  I saw the pieces in the back and asked Michael Friedman, who at that time ran that gallery, if I could buy a piece before the show unveiled.  Unfortunately, I was bumped out due to 2 museums who wanted her work.  Totally bummed.  The good news is that I became friends with Michael and his adorable wife Jesse who are about to open their own gallery in Tribeca.  More on that in my later posts I am sure. 

Fast forward, we buy Sebastian’s pieces and it so happens that with the purchase we made Sebastian was able to buy his lovely girlfriend an engagement ring who’s name is Isca Greenfield-Sanders.   Small world – right? 

Isca’s work is so complex that is takes time to churn out her work.  She has taken old photographs, puts them into watercolors, blows them up digitally, breaks them down onto an easel and then oil paints over them.  Truly diligent process.  Knowing her now I am not surprised.  She is totally efficient and organized which of course I love.  On top of that she is warm, bright and sweet and of course, groovy. 

Walk_with_daddy1 Yesterday we got the opportunity to see Isca’s new work through one of the galleries that represent her out in Denver, Balwin Gallery.   We purchased a piece and we are thrilled.  It is called "A Walk with Daddy" in blue.  I love what she is doing in her second round of work.  I also love the fact that we own pieces from two young artists who are making their mark in the art world, are married and have such a wonderful aura as a couple.  They are really good people. 

The piece will be in the Denver show and be coming to it’s new home in April.  That would be my house.  I can hardly wait!