Music Plasma

I had seen Music Plasma awhile ago.  I think it is a brilliant tool.  Basically the idea is that you go to the site and enter in an artist that you like.  Then, the site goes out and finds other artists that you might like if you like the artist that you entered.  An added bonus is that the graphics are pretty cool. 

The chart is almost like a family tree.  The closer the music to your artist, the better chances you are of liking that artist too.  The farther out, perhaps not but you never know. 

A variety of people that I know, hate to admit it, but their music tastes have been stuck in their college years.  I love when you meet people who say that they love music and they reel out about 5 bands that you are pretty positive peaked in 1975.  Love music?  I’d say their passion for music pooped out a long time ago. 

I do love music and continue to buy and download new stuff all the time.  Also, I’m willing to take a leap of faith with new stuff. 

So, for people who might have been digging Cream, Tom Waits and Little Feat generations ago (not that I’m dissing those bands) but, go use Music Plasma. You’d be surprised what great music is out there.  Get into the 21st century!