Superbowl Ads

There were no winners last night.  Each ad was completely forgettable.  Most ads did not even make sense for the product they were selling.  Bad, bad, bad!

The NY Times comments on the ads this morning were positive.  They felt that they were not as crass as years past.  Crass?  How about clever.  The ads this year were stupid as best.

Adjab which is a site about advertising ranked the ads.  I am impressed that they remembered them.

Is this a post-Janet Jackson world?  Frank Rich wrote about this in the Arts and Leisure section yesterday.  Are all advertisers so afraid of our government that they have dumbed down the ads?  Are we pretending as a country to be provincial when we are not? 

We went to see Coach Carter yesterday afternoon which I really liked.  This is based on a true story.  As a person who has worked in non-profit organizations helping inter-city kids, I have spent quite a fair time reading books relating to the realities of our working to poor class.  Their lives is the real world.  It would serve the Bush Department well to see a movie about a High School that isn’t so far from the norm of many High School’s across this country. 

We are living in the year 2005.  The ads should be clever, sophisticated and spot on not dumbed down.  Maybe I am at a reach here, but the ads represented to me the world that we are currently living in.  We are living in a world that is being swept under the carpet everyday and is putting on a face that is heavily heavily made up.

It is utterly depressing.