The Future

Conversations about the future are always a hot topic in our house.  The banter about ideas, technologies and the way we might live make for good discussion.  It is really interesting to hear the insight from the kids since they are very computer/Internet saavy. 

The next successful generation of Internet companies will define how we live our lives.  There are other areas besides new businesses that we discuss too.  How will be marketed to?  Will the publishing industry change?  Will the art world be different?  Will cars fly?

I had lunch with a very dear friend of mine the other day who is in the business of helping young companies (people, bands, whatever) focus, market themselves and grow.  She talked to me about a young artist that she had been introduced to through a business associate that is representing this artist out of China.  She showed me some of the work, in photos not live, and it was incredible.  True talent. 
China is certainly the next frontier.  Our conversations were around the possibilities that they felt the artist could do.  She had come from the peasants in China and had followed her dream of becoming an artist.  That in itself is amazing in China.   The paintings have a pop edge to them.  Could you create a line of something from these paintings?  Could you create books around them?  Could you create a cartoon?  Lots of ideas and questions that are percolating. 

My concern was that that value of the artist’s work could do down if she was to become a cross platform artist, like a JLo.  Artists, as in fine artists are a different breed – aren’t they?  America has embraced the exploitation of the pop artist and hot actors of today.  They can write books, have a clothing line, write music, go on tour, act in movies etc.  Make a much as possible while the going it hot. 

Can photographers or artists who hang their work in the Guggenheim or the MOMA have the same advantages in the future?  Is that ok in their art world? 

Makes for interesting debate about the future of the art world.  What will it be? 

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  1. fred wilson

    too much too soon is bad for any new entrant.

    i think a slow steady build is best, for companies, artists, musicians, etc.

    i’d rather be van gogh than J Lo