Art Show at the Pier

Modern galleries from all over the world converge at the Pier once a year for an annual art show.  I like to go every year because the vast amount of artists that are represented gives you a pulse on what is emerging out of the art world.  What galleries are showing, who they are representing, what they are seeing.

Dsc00032  There are nothing there that I had to have but I did note a few things that I am just starting to see.  Art that is more crafty.  I saw a lot of craft oriented art at the Affordable Art Fair made out of maps and paper but never have seen it at the higher price level.  There were a variety of different pieces that are almost origami based and also clay based.  The piece on the left was small paper pieces that were folded like quilted pieces and then hung with string every couple of inches and had about 6 layers of that.  It was pretty cool and very intensive piece. 

The other fun piece, at least I thought, was a wall of little plastic men pieced together.  Dsc00029_1 Again, craft and whimsical.  Richard Prince, who I find whimsical,  has influenced a lot of artists at the show.  There were many pieces at a variety of  galleries that had funny sayings not only with a with figurine paintings but solo.  I have always liked Richard Prince’s work.  His comical sayings just make me laugh out loud.  The piece below is a Richard Prince print with a funny saying on what looks to be a t-shirt.  Dsc000311

I thought the Richard Prince piece was a good ending to an interesting show.