Coffee Lids

I love good design.  There is a honey jar that we buy weekly from Citarella which is from California.  The bottle is made of plastic and formed in an upside down triangle and a flip top lid on the bottom.  Never ever a drip.  The bottle is easy to use and no sticky honey anywhere but where you want it.  Brilliant!  Good design always begs to ask the question, how come someone didn’t think of this sooner?

Today I was at the Grey Dog with Emily (our daughter) getting our weekly fix of Chai Tea’s and a sweet and our tea’s had new lids.   First there was the lids that you had to use your teeth to make a hole to drink out of.  Then there were the lids that you could pull back but caught your lip when you drank out of them.  Then there were the tops that were elevated with holes in them so you could just sip easily.  These lids sloshed a bit when you traveled but once you got beyond a certain point it didn’t make any difference.  They were a step in the right direction and brilliant at that point.  One place we went to would put a small sticker over the top of the hole so it wouldn’t slosh or burn you but then you couldn’t drink freely.  Today, the lid has finally reached perfection, in my eyes.

This lid, if any of you haven’t seen it yet, is an elevated white lid, with a hole for drinking (just like before) and a small piece underneath that you can move back and forth that allows you to close up the hole or open it up when you need.  On the lid it says travelers cup.  I love it!  You can get your coffee, keep the lid closed and just slide is open a bit when you want to take a sip and shut it afterwards.  Brilliant design.  Hey…how come I didn’t think of that?

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  1. John Scott

    Re your blog on coffee lids, I think the ultimate lid is found at the deli on 8th St east of Fifth Ave. Written in impressed letters are instructions to place the lid on the cup so the seam on the cup is opposite the sipping hole. It makes perfect sense but who ever thought of it before?