Emily’s BDay

Don’t all girls turning 12 ask to go to the Mercer Kitchen for their birthday dinner? 

5 1/2 years ago we moved back to the city from the suburbs ( the best decision ever for us) and we lived at the Mercer Hotel for 6 weeks before moving into a rental which we then lived in for 3 years.  We have a lot of great memories.  We were starting a new life as a family, we were living in a hotel, the kids were starting a new school, we were eating out every meal and everything was in change. 

Dsc00038 One particular night, the city had literally been shut down due to a huge hurricane.  It was freaky.  We had Kozmo deliver entertainment first thing in the morning.  I miss Kozmo.  Anyway, we ended up eating at the Mercer Kitchen that night – and actually many others – the place was empty.  We were literally the only people in the restaurant.  It was so much fun.  We were in the kitchen, we had a blast with the staff, it was a very memorable night.  I happen to love the kitchen there. It is open and airy and very well designed.

Tonight we had pretty much the same type of experience.  The place was pretty empty.  I am not sure why because the food is still really good.  The portions are much much larger than I remember.  I had the arugula, Parmesan, mushroom salad which is light, simple and good.  The kids had the tuna rolls which are raw with a crispy wrap served with a spicy edaname paste.  A real winner that continues to stay on the menu.  We also had a few shrimp cocktails where you just can’t go wrong.  Emily, her bday, ordered her favorite, the roasted chicken.  They roast chicken on a hot flame, rotisserie style, against a wall of fire.  It is very juicy and good.  She also split a pizza with Jessica.  The pizza’s are good, especially the raw tuna wasabi pizza.  It sounds weird but it is amazing.  Josh had the lamb chops with lentils and Fred and I each had the Peking duck with a stir fry.  The portions were a bit too large but otherwise, everything was good.

Dsc00039 We celebrated Em’s bday with dessert.  Josh made sure the waiter brought a candle.  It was very cute.   Em and Jess had a warm apple tart which was cut up apples sauteed and shaped into a small cylinder and praline ice cream on the side.  Josh went with the cookie plate which is always good. 

Dsc00043 We took a bunch of pictures afterwards and Emily blew out her candles and got an extra wish with an eyelash hanging out on her cheek.  It was a great night.  Happy 12 Birthday EM!