What do to with an 8 year old in NYC?

Every morning, I’m up around 7am, wake the girls and then do about 10 minutes of email before I wake up Josh.   This morning, in my box was an email from my husband from one of his CEO’s asking for help with a client coming in town from Dallas with an 8 year old kid.  What to do?

Here was my quick stream of conscious in 2 minutes. 

kids love the wax museum although it is ridiculously expensive and stupid.  museum of broadcasting.  serendipity for frozen hot chocolate.  dylan’s candy bar.  if it is a girl, to to the american doll place on 5th and 49th (est.), shake shack if they are coming past april 1, down in battery park city,  rent bikes at gotham in tribeca and drive up the west side highway, sign up for trapeze school in advance and do that if the kid is that kind of kid, empire state building, the met’s egyptian tombs, zoo in central park, skating in rock center(it will still be open), katz’s deli, moma, guggenheim, whitney, galleries in chelsea, if it is a boy the nba store, if it is a girl go to infinity which is a block from the MET on madison, on the upper east side or betwitx downtown on 10th between hudson and greenwich.  dim sum in chinatown, otto for dins.