Who are we anyway?

Tom Watson had a great blog yesterday named We live In Public.  He wrote about the morality of America and how they are losing to big business.  I had been having these conversations for awhile.  I just don’t get it.

"We" pretend as a nation, that we are morally just.  "We" vote for candidates that our god loving people.  "We" as in the majority.  "We" pretend that we believe in the "Leave it to Beaver" life but the reality is we aren’t living that.  We are talking out of two sides of our mouth.

The hits on TV are reality shows.  Porn is booming.  "We" get to see a families trade spouses, plastic surgery being done, weight loss competitions, American Idol, cover of Sports Illustrated magazine model being picked, finding the next fashion maven and the newest is finding the undiscovered artist.   I can’t even name all of the shows out there.  Americans love trying to become a star and putting themselves out there in the public eye.  That and being morally just does not go hand in hand.  The content is being created by "we" yet "we" are voting for people that are repulsed by the content "we" are creating. 

I too remember Josh Harris covering every part of his apartment, including the toilets, with cameras.  You could see what he was doing through the web, any time of the day or night.  He was and I am sure still is, an incredibly forward thinker.  Who would have thought this was the wave of the future? 

The FCC is attempting to create a society of decency but that is not what is driving our businesses.  The Oscars were bland.  The Superbowl half time was bland, thanks to a flash of boobs last year – shame, shame.  Yet, Americans are interested in themselves creating trashy, outlandish, sexual, seamy content and being the next star.

Big disconnect between what "we" are putting in office and what "we" are consuming.   At one point, you’d think the Conservatives who are pretending to be prudes will come out of the closet.  We are living in very strange times.