Whole Foods Opened in Union Square

Dsc00046The people in the Village have been waiting for Whole Foods to open.  I for one have been waiting for the doors to open…and today they have. 

Whoever came up with the design of the store is brilliant.  The store has 3 levels.  The first floor is ready to eat food.  Breads, chocolates, muffins, sushi, salads, salad bar and other goodies.  The floor above is a picnic area with plenty of seating, magazines and coffee.  Downstairs is for the serious food shoppers paradise.  Meats, fish, pasta, juices, sauces, etc. 

Dsc00047_1 Check out the salad bar.  Clean, bright, airy.  I love it!

Thanks Whole Foods for coming to the Village!

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  1. Manavi

    Love wholefoods!! Just hope the local farmer’s market thrives side by side.