Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

When we were in London a few years ago, someone recommended that I take the girls to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  So, I did.  They also recommended that I try and get first row on the Mezzanine because the car flies and the scenery is high up.  So, I did.  We loved it.  The performance was great.  The scenery was fantastic.  I knew all the songs, etc.  I promised Josh that when and if it comes to NYC, we will go again and he can see it too (he didn’t go on the London trip).

We saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Sunday’s matinee.  Josh loved it, Fred (my husband) liked it.  The 3 of us girls thought the London performance was better.  London had been in production for a few years. 

All and all, it is a great family event.  It is a tad long but the movie is too.  The acting is very mixed.  The young girl who plays Jemima has a much stronger stage presence than the boy who plays Jeremy.  Erin Dilly, who plays Trudy is ok but perhaps will get better in time.  Raul Esparaza who plays Potts is just ok too but again perhaps he will get better in time.  The toymaker is horrible.  Philip Bosco who plays the Grandfather is good but not great.  The best performances are from Marc Kudisch and Jan Maxwell who play the Baron and Baroness.  They have their roles down and so do the nasty Bulgarians who try to find the car and get it back to Bulgaria. 

I’m glad we saw it because it is a fun event but I hope that the cast gels.  I just felt some of the sparkle was missing that we saw in London.  Maybe because we were seeing it a second time and my memories are so fond, I don’t now.  Even the stage seems sparser than the London stage.  Maybe the stage is just larger.  I am not sure but there is something amiss.  This is a production that has the potential to play for many many years on Broadway, something Broadway needs, especially for families.  I hope that they tie it all up before opening day.