Go Project

Behind every successful non-profit organization there is a strong Board and a driven Chairperson.  You can always have a solid Executive Director but without the Board to help raise money and awareness,  the success rate is not as high.  The Go Project certainly proved that last night. 

My friend, who has energy and brains and a variety of other assets, got behind this organzation and her efforts have paid off.  Two years ago, their fundraiser was 25 people in a church basement.  Last night, over 250 people showed up to show their support.  There was quite a bit of one degree of separation last night so schmoozing was certainly the activity of the night.  Key to a successful event. 

The Go Project was founded on the need to help kids in the first through fourth grade who were struggling.  They identified downtown kids at risk and gave them tutoring, motivation and guidance.  Not only do they work with the kids, they integrate the family into the process with social workers.  Their success has been apparent with the number of graduates who have come back to help with the program.  Basically confirming that every student has the potential if they are given the tools to reach their goals.  The Go Project, this year, has worked with LREI using their facilities to keep the program rolling. 

Major kudos to the Board of the GO Project.  Last nights event shows each of your commitment to making this organization work.  Your success is going to make a direct impact on someones life and that, afterall,  is what it is all about. 

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  1. machlowitz

    so who is the board, ED of go project? not on their site……best, MM