Ipod’s on the subway

So, I’m sitting on the subway next to a guy who is silently rocking out to his iPod.  The couple (girl and a guy) across the way are talking and pointing at it.  The rocker next to me notices they are talking about his iPod.  He takes off his ear pieces and waits for questions.  The guy asks him how does that thing work?  The rocker starts describing the virtues of down loading music into the gadget.  He says that you can take your entire cd collection and download the music from it, you can download songs from Apple which cost money or in the old days (he’s a old time pro) you could have gone to Napster and did it for free especially when you don’t want the entire CD just one or two songs.  For instance, he says, I just went out and bought the entire JZ Grey cd because I really liked the entire cd after I heard it.  I bought it online for only like $10.  He’s trying to relate here. He is espousing all the fantastic things you can do.  The couple get it but seem little confused.  So, the rocker gets up, moves across the aisle and sits next to them, and starts showing the guy how to use the iPod.  He gives him the ear pieces to listen to it.  Voila.  The guys eyes light up.  Thanks dude.  He says to his girlfriend, we got to get one of these.  At this point, my stop comes and I get off.  A real NYC moment…I love the subway. 

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  1. Denise

    Hi, We just got our first IPOD and it’s the most convenient and function piece of electronics I’ve seen a long time and I work for HP !!!

    We just downloaded the new BECK album. I must admit, his albums are either great or so so…well, this album rocks….his best ever, not a bad song on it. Actually, the first song is probably my least favorite so just skip to song #2.