March Vacation

I rarely post on vacation so I have been on a hiatus for 2 weeks.  Today, I am going to get back in the groove.

Dsc00057 We spent the last 2 weeks skiing and sunning.  We have been going to Beaver Creek, Colorado for the past 3-4 years with our good friends.  It is always a fun vacation with plenty of fresh air and exercise.   The weather wasn’t as sunny as it usually is but the snow was fantastic.  Dsc00078 It was just fun to ski and hang out with friends and family on the mountain.

Dsc00082 I like to mix up the board and the ski.  There is nothing like bopping through the bumps and on the other hand, there is nothing like cruising on a board.  Depending on the day and weather, depends on my choice.  I hope I can get all the kids at the same level as me on either board/ski.  Jessica has mastered the board and has already hinted she is interested in honing her skiing techniques next year.

One day we caught a serious storm.  I had taken Josh and Emily up to Red Tail for lunch and then caught the lift up Larkspur Bowl with our friends ( see above).  It started to snow "dip n’ dots".  The new fangled ice cream that is not available.  It was wild.  By the time we got to the top of the lift, it was thunder and lightning.  Something you don’t want to see on a mountain.  As we navigated our way over to our friends place, it was hell.  We all had on boards and had to literally take off our boards and then put them on again because it was all cat tracks.  The area where we could have boarded down was too difficult for Josh.  The lifts had all closed due to thunder and lighting so we couldn’t download.  It was one of those moments where you wondered "how the hell did I get up here"?  By the time we got down, an hour later, it was straight to the bar for a scotch and hot chocolates.  You can tell which pictures are on the storm.  Dsc00086