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Culture reigns in NYC.  The Metropolitan Museum has 2 exhibits that I really wanted to see.  Diane Arbus and Max Ernst. 

The curator for the Diane Arbus exhibit did a helluva job.  Diane Arbus had quite the eye.  She took pictures of people in the park to carnival people to retarded adults.  One extreme to another.  What she has captured is quite amazing.  Each picture tells a story.  The photos are so clear.  The light, for me, is the most impressive part.  There is one particular photo of a movie house, during a screening, in the 50’s.  Each pocket of light is so pronounced. 

The exhibit also has libraries of her diaries, cameras, letters that she wrote, etc.  You walk away having a better insight into who exactly Diane Arbus was.  When she began taking picture, her insecurities about her photos, the awards she was granted, how she used the camera, who she was commissioned from, etc.  That is what make this exhibit so special.  Not only did you see the artist’s work, you got to know the artist.  A true educational experience.

So after being completely drained from Diane Arbus, I couldn’t help myself but to go see the Max Ernst show too.  I asked about 4 security guards how to get there.  The Met is so big, that I often find myself getting lost. 

Max Ernst was one prolific guy.  I had no idea the depth of his work.  Sculptures, photos, oils, etc.  His influences on the art world today are apparent.  I saw David Salle,  Jackson Pollock, Dali all in Ernst’s work.  I really flew through the exhibit because I was "arted" out and am sorry I did not get the tape to listen to.  He hung out with Dali and Man Ray – quite the art crowd of his time.  He was married to Peggy Guggenheim, his 3rd marriage.  He lived to the ripe old age of 85.  He continued to create until then.  His work is modern and thought provoking.

Come to think about it,  I might have to go back and do the tape. 

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  1. William Cardoza

    I saw a picture of Fireside Angel in The Art Newspaper — I hope I get to NYC in time to see the exhibit.