Paul Westerberg

Photo_042705_005 I am a huge fan of Paul Westberg.  I’ve been a fan since the Replacements came onto the scene.  He just rocks. 

We were lucky that someone gave us 2 tickets and luckier that another friend got us the best seats in the house, literally. 

The picture isn’t great because I used the phone camera but it captures how much fun he was having out there. 

He literally rocked for 2 hours.  His songs aren’t long so he must have played over 30 songs.  He also covered a large range from new and old.  I loved that he played "If I Had A Hammer". 

The audience did not want to see him leave and neither did I.  He came out for 2 encores.  At the end of the last song, Alex Chilton, he through his guitar in the air (which was caught by his stage hands) and yelling "I love New York". 

It was awesome.