Ben Kweller/Fountains of Wayne

Toady was supposed to be a beautiful day in May but instead it was cold and rainy and miserable.  Major drag.  We had tickets to see Ben Kweller and Fountains of Wayne in Central Park to support Sing for the Children.  An organization that supports over 17,000 homeless children in New York City, that is over 40% of the homeless in New York City today.  This event also benefits Association to Benefit Children, Bailey House, The Children’s Aid Society, HELPUSA, Homes for the Homeless and Women in Need.  If you click through on any of these links, you can’t help but think, thank god for organizations like this.  They are all doing wonderful work for people in need.  Hopefully not only have they have saved one life they have saved many lives. 

Dsc00485_1 Needless to say, because of the crappy weather, the turnout today was pour but luckily the organization sells tickets prior to the day of the event, so rain or shine, they probably hit their goals.  We were one of the few die-hards who showed up in the rain to watch the concert.  Our friends showed up too.  We can’t find a day to get together for dinner but we can all manage to get a concert.  Kind of funny.  Regardless, Ben Kweller rocked.  They literally had to tell him his time was up to get him off the stage.  He played old songs and new songs.  The guy is seriously talented.  He probably thinks about new music all the time.  I like his lyrics and his sounds.  He is what, 22 years old if a day.  He is from Texas and now lives in Brooklyn.  I’m looking forward to his next album and what he does over the course of his guaranteed long career. 

Dsc00490_1 Next up, Fountains of Wayne.  I’ve seen these guys about 4-5 times in concert already.  I know all the lyrics, so I can’t help but sing along.  They are the kings of the 3 minute pop song.  They are releasing a new album in a few weeks.  These guys are like a high school band that finally hit it after sticking together until they hit their 40’s.  Maybe that is what I like about them.  The brother of the lead singer was standing with us out in the rain, talking to us, with his kid on his shoulders and taking pictures of his brother.  A real family event. 

We left soaking and happy.  We will all probably come down with brutal colds in the next week, but it was worth it.  There is really nothing like an outdoor concert in Central Park among the trees, the rain and the die-hard audience and the tickets sales all going to a good cause. 

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  1. Alyssa

    I was front row, and even though it was freezing and wet, Ben Kweller made up for every second we had to stand there and wait. He was awsome!